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Family run Dog Grooming Salon







Dogs need their exercise, and with no time on your hands, what better way than to have your dogs personally walked for you.

As a dog walker I only go for safe walks, away from roads, where if the owner permits, their dog can be let off the lead and run and explore.


Walks last 1/2hour and does not include the drive to and back from the location at a cost of 6.00.


Dogs need walks in all weathers, including rain and snow, so I will always give your dog a rub down and will make sure they are comfortable once home.

Another policy of mine is to have no more than 3 to 4 dogs on a walk at a time. Many times I am dismayed when I see other dog walkers with sometimes up to 15 dogs in their care, or two people are in charge and they are just standing chatting, leaving the dogs to get on with it. With a maximum of 4 dogs, I am fully in control and the dogs can interact with me  we all have fun.










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